Friday, February 26, 2010

 Continuing my love affair with all things MOTU (Masters of the Universe for those that do not like acronyms) , news on Giant Gorilla GI Gygor (whew). He is all new, and not reused Grodd. Don't know the confusion? (Gygor is the yellow one)


Gygor – 100% new tooling confirmed

Though I’d heard Gygor was completely new tooling and not a DCUC Gorilla Grodd re-use, I wasn’t sure and wanted to get it straight from the (Four) Horse(men)’s mouth. So I did.
Gy-Gor is indeed 100% new tooling. He’s much larger than Grodd, so none of Grodd’s tooled parts could be used to create him."
-"Thanks to Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation"

He should be huge, and he should sell out before I can add him to my cart (thanks Matty)
Yea that Battle Cat I drooled over? Not for me, they decided a glitch in the system could cause me to not have it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Adventures of He-Man

Long Time, No Write.
I'm back.
Let's update.
Look for a new musical by me and a partner soon. Very soon.
Weird Al Tribute starting Monday. Seriously this time.

Now to the post. In light of the terrbile tuesday that caused me not to obtain this kitty, I have become he-obsessed. So far, 9 episodes into New Adventures of He-Man (my reacquaintance) I came across a thread on the boards. Before that, a little history. When I had access to the internet for the first time in 1996, what were the very first things I searched for? Pictures of Sunny from WWF (yes I was a virile young boy) and He-Man. was an absolute revelation. Full of useful information, and a fantastic message board. I have joined 4 separate times. Mainly because you can't use webmail to join, only from an ISP. I've had many, and each time I get rid of one, my email address goes with it. So I can never stay connected. And let's face it, I'm not so great at posting on message boards.
To now, I search the boards to find what planet Primus (He-Man's new planet for this series) actually is. I heard a comment on an episode that referenced John F. Kennedy as a "wise old sage" from a past time. So I think, oh is Primus Earth? Won't that destroy continuity? He-Man's mother (Marlena) is from Earth, making Adam/He-Man half human. And this planet is the future/past/whatever. Earth was from another dimension in Filmation continuity (accepted as canon), so my head was spinning a bit. Then I see Optikk's new bio, and start to spin my head more. I need answers from the He-Boards!
Thankfully writer/creator of the New Adventures series Jack Olesker was on the boards and revealed that Primus was...Heaven.
Heaven? How? They use science on this planet, create machine, and have dumb mutants trying to destroy them. Clearly nothing of Christian mythology fits. Olesker explains that it was the ultimate battle of good and evil, Adam vs. the Devil (Skeletor).I do not get any of this; and being the good questioning science believer I am, I have a multitude of questions. I signed up for the fourth time, and will be grilling Jack Olesker on the subject. I will come back and explain what happened.
My new name on the boards? Optikknerve. You can follow along.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas present

Check out the banner my sister has made for my blog, as an X-Mas gift. It is quite wonderful.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ok, Ok, Stop all the Star Wars

I could link to the DOZENS of sites picking up on the possibility if a new Star Wars movie. I won't. No one needs to read it, because its worthless. Frankly, I'm surprised all the major sites are posting this. I'd read an article from a "reliable unnamed source" any day of the week. Because I can speculate. Is it a junior executive? Is it the Java Joe overhearing a secret conversation? But all the sites (aintitcool, slashfilm, chud) are using the exact same source. Ooo, it must be from Lucas? Nope. How about Rick McCallum and his Big Mac induced producing frenzy? Sadly, no. Its Thomas Dolby...

Thomas Dolby.

One hit wonder from the 80's (who as every site points out, hates new Star Wars movies), spoke to his friend about Star Wars T.V. shows and movies. And that's all we get. But its enough to generate excitement on the internet tubes. Internet loves Star Wars, no matter what happens, they love Star Wars. It never ends.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

...And Cringer...My Fearless Friend

It never fails, when I buy a He-Man Figure (4 over all), he seems naked without a giant green tiger between his Grayskull-induced thighs. This is the first (FIRST!) Battlecat with articulated legs. He can move! Look, he's not a plastic statue! 

Alan Moore: Snake God, Poet, Crooner?

Few words sum up Alan Moore (genius at Large) better than : Fantastic!
And this makes it all the sweeter. Save you monies for the Promethea Absolute (like me!!) and rant about his Old Man 'Tude all you want, he's the best.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The time has come...

The Hobbit movie inches closer to production. I am more frightened by the day. If this isn't great, Guillermo's stock will go down. And I'm afraid Jackson might try a coup. I would rather have In The Mountains of Madness any day of the week, or week of the year. It's now surely delayed. Read up if you are not familiar.

NIN is truly gone

Reznor and his touring group are now selling off their tour equipment. Is this what happens when you release your album for free? Probably not, I think he wants us to know he's serious. Which is unfortunate. Guess I'll start a tribute band...or not. Never saw a NIN show? You should, what a way to go out though!

Was this necessary?

No offense to bzzurkk, because I like those guys, but Why did DC release this to the net? Was there a person who didn't already see this? And while on topic, Freddie Williams is a great great artist, and I am very fond of his work (heck, he drew an adult Iris West [Wally's Daughter] for me and apparently was the only person to ask for a twin, hmmm) but, this title is in need of some serious artistic readjustment. It's a mess. JSA needs clean clear art, there are too many characters to have a cluttered picture, it just doesn't work.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Summit Speaks Even Sooner!

Bigger Saturday, America really wants to see New Moon. 140 Weekend, 258 Worldwide 5 day.
Facts- One day total (72) larger than Twilight's entire first weekend (69). 5 million more than Pirates 2 opening weekend. 18million less than the Dark Knight. Opening day is 18 less than Iron Man's first Weekend. 50 million less than Halo 3's worldwide launch. Highest 2 Day Total of All Time 115 million  (Beat Dark Knight's 114 million).Biggest Non Summer Opening, Biggest November Opening (Beat Goblet of Fire's 102).
I dislike the franchise, message, and author of the series, but as a Box Office Analyst/Nerd I am fascinated by its debut. The films opened up a new segment of the movie going public: mom/daughter. Its a pretty amazing showing for the weekend, I am very interested in the rest of its week. 300 million by next weekend? Possibly mega drop off? Probably.
Wasting My Time So You Can Too.